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5 Reasons Why the HCG Diet is the Perfect Plan for Bariatric Patients

Reasons the HCG Diet Plan Works for Bariatric Patients

Losing weight is one of the most common goals in the US. Just about everyone you know has tried a fad diet or a special meal plan.

For those that are very obese, there are extra medical measures that can — and sometimes should — be taken. This involves things like bariatric surgery.

If you’re one of the 216,000 who get this surgery, first of all, congratulations for taking your health seriously.

Second, you might be wondering what to do next. Have you considered the HCG diet plan?

Not sure what that is or how it can help you maintain your weight loss? We’ve got five great reasons why you should consider it — keep reading.

1) Reduced Intake

Bariatric surgery involves reducing the stomach. As such, you must drastically cut down on what you eat.

You’ll notice that after the surgery, you’ll feel fuller, faster. To be successful at keeping the weight off, you need to rethink your meals.

That’s why the HCG diet plan works so well with bariatric patients. With the HCG diet, you keep your calorie intake around 500 to 800 calories — that’s it.

2) Helps With Stubborn Weight Loss

For those that are very heavy, their bodies are trying to reset themselves to a normal weight. Even then, weight loss proves to be difficult for some.

For those in this category, the HCG diet is ideal. The low-calorie intake is more tolerable and results are more noticeable than just a regular diet.

Some post-bariatric patients feel themselves slipping into their old eating patterns again which packs on the pounds. The HGC diet plan can prevent and counteract the weight gain brought on by bad habits.

3) Keeps Cravings At Bay

It can be difficult to adjust to a life after bariatric surgery. You have to modify the way you eat, and eating is a very social and emotional activity.

You know it’s unhealthy to eat without thinking and will gain all the weight back again. Plus, you’ve got a reduced stomach size to consider.

Luckily, HCG hormones help modify your cravings. The hormone supplement can mimic the feelings of nausea that pregnant women get in the first stage of pregnancy. That definitely helps keep you out of the fridge!

4) Your Fat Is Metabolized

The low-calorie intake and hormone supplement send one big signal to your body: it’s time to metabolize that fat!

Since your body is looking for energy to use up, it will go to your fat stores and the pounds will drop. Before your surgery, the HCG diet helps get you where you need to be to have the work done.

Post-surgery, if you find your weight coming back, this is a great way to specifically target your fat.

5) You Still Get To Eat All Of The Food You Want

An HCG diet plan can include all of the foods you liked before — but in moderation. You can have nut butters, salmon, even sugar-free popsicles and frozen yogurt!

By eating everything you thought you’d miss, eating well becomes a lifestyle, not a punishment. Your diet will work in tandem with your surgery to keep you at your goal weight.

Just count your calories. Consider this — have you ever tried to eat 800 calories of steamed spinach? You’ll feel full before you do!

Try The HCG Diet Plan Today!

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